Signage Services


We offer more than just mine signs

Aside from producing the best signage products for the mining industry,
we also offer our customers a range of services. These services include free Mine Site Signage EvaluationMDG 15 Compliant Signage, heavy medium and light vehicle signs, alloy backed fixed plant signs, state of the art engraving capabilities, part numbering systems, superb graphic design and corporate branding and all other site signage needs.

1Logo Design

With over 25 years in logo design experience, Mine Signs are very capable in designing your logos. We ask simple questions like;

  • Where is your logo going to be displayed?
  • What weather conditions will it be exposed too?
  • Is your logo to follow a certain design style?
  • How large would you like your logo printed?

As well as a range of other questions similar to these to ensure we create you a logo that is creative, well branded and cuts across all your marketing requirements.


We have just acquired a state of the art engraving machine for all your signage engraving needs. Our engraving service includes stainless steel, alloy and a range of Traffolyte signage products.


For a Hi Visibility ‘Mine Sign Spec’ product that is proven to last longer than any other mine sign product on the market; Mine Signs is your choice. Our patented technology ensures your Hi Visability needs are taken care of in the harshest mining conditions.