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About us – Our Story

Here is a little about us! Despite entering a market that has seen the emergence; of many companies that can supply the mining industry reflective; products in sticker, traffolyte and metal form, Mine Signs has reinvented it’s market. Mine Signs differentiated itself from the traditional sign companies in all business aspects; and created a whole new market within the reflective sign industry. Rather than providing a product for which supply already existed, it used innovation and creativity to create supply and demand for a new product and service that meets and exceeds Australian Standards.

Amongst other things, Mine Signs founder Carl Merz eliminated the high costs associated with the short term performance of traditional signs, presenting the mining market with a more sophisticated patented product. Minimising the failure rate and the chance of having to stand a machine down because of such a low cost item has seen the emergence of the “Mine Signs Spec” standard of reflective signage. By combining the traditional methods with its patented technology; Mine Signs has eliminated the variances to create a solution that stands alone in a very competitive market.

Mine Signs has been able to create a superior alternative; an alternative which withstands the many variables that any product on a mine sight endures.

There are two factors that can never be negated when finding signage and label solutions for heavy mining vehicles –

  1. The need for regular wash down with very high pressure abrasive water.
  2. Curved surfaces on a machine.

These two factors then lead to having mix and matched signs. Labels between stickers, Traffolyte and stainless or alloy. The confusion still reigns over what is compliant and what is a ‘variation’ as we call it; because you can’t call it wrong as it still informs of potential danger and intended use!!

The “Mine Sign Spec” will help customers maximise production; significantly reduce sign and label costs; avoid simple in-service failures and keep assets available for productive service.

If you, or your company need help with design; or have any print/ fabrication/ engraving questions. Let us know and contact us today; via out contact page, or call us today.

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