Mine Signs – Hi-Visibility Signs

THE ONLY Hi-Visibility Sign guaranteed to withstand water cannon washdown at Mine Signs

The whole of life costs is dramatically reduced. When using the patented Mine Signs Spec products. Our products have be known to last up to 4 years; in the toughest conditions on Earth.

We are industry leaders. Mine Signs manufacture of LED solutions for mining vehicles that do not fail.Our products have been tested. And also proven to work both in Australia and overseas, without failure.

Guaranteed to last
longer than any other
hi-visibility sign on the market

Our Signs will not peel. Crack. Or fade and are
completely resistant to high pressure cleaning. Mine Signs patented products are therefore your perfect choice for the harsh conditions that mining machinery operate in.

1 – Improve Your OH&S

Fading and damaged hi-visibility machine signs; are a costly OH&S problem you don’t need. Mine Signs patented product quality; won’t let you down in any condition. Independently tested by a leading mining organisation. Mine signs are proven to last longer. Therefore can withstand the harshest mining environments guaranteed.

MDG 15 Compliant Signage

2 – Reduce Your Downtime

Don’t risk the high expense of down time with poor quality signage. Mine Signs deliver you a signage solution that ensures;

  • Product durability to withstand the harshest mining conditions
  • Products are extensively tested to provide; long term visibility and improved safety
  • Ease of application
  • Availability in any shape and hi-visibility colour
  • It also is cost effective
  • Also Fast and reliable service guaranteed

3 – Ultra Quick Turnaround

Delivered Anywhere In The World.
Your guaranteed delivery of our patented mine signs. We can deliver using our express worldwide freight service. We also accept; Visa and MasterCard payments for your convenience.

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The highest quality mine signs perfect for your Hi Visibility requirements


Facilities to produce any custom metal, plastic & also rubber fabrication work.


Our services include signs, engraving, small fabrication and logo design


Know what mine sign you want?

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